20 years MMM Dolomites

This museum space has been accessible for twenty years. After a short planning phase, the municipality of Cibiana di Cadore and the Veneto region succeeded in renovating the fortress and barracks on the summit of Monte Rite, securing the 100-year-old road and making the mountain accessible. Reinhold Messner's idea of a meeting place for the Dolomites – “the most beautiful mountains in the world” – has thus become reality. After 20 successful years, we can speak of sustainability. However, this museum also remains a process. New material is introduced year after year, temporary exhibitions are created, films are added. In the meantime, the overall concept is ready and the synergies between the six houses (Firmian, Ortles, Juval, Ripa, Corones & Dolomites) are more than pleasing.

Annual exhibition 2022 - FIBERS OF THE MOUNTAINS


The works shown here are rooted in the mountains of Nepal. A country where the mountains set the tone of life and survival, where the mountains nourish, craft and inspire mythology.
The exhibition features textiles that are the result of research into sometimes rare or forgotten, sometimes mundane or even very complicated techniques of fibre processing. The fibre is the beginning and fundamental part of the character of all textiles, it determines the life of a carpet, the way it feels and ages. The exhibited works are an expression of fascination for the mountains and life in the mountains. An ode to the people, the hand and the craft, to the animals, plants and the fertile soil.

Daniel Costa